A guide to perseverance

I’ve made a decision that one of my on going type posts will be ‘a guide to’. I’d like to share some of my own experiences and knowledge on topics that maybe someone will find helpful. They might even just be helpful for me to write down and go back to! Topics like anxiety, distraction, getting up in the morning without crying, teaching your kitten to kiss you (no, seriously), essay writing tips for those with short attention spans and the motivation levels of a sloth, and more will be types of things that I will try and write about. These guides are MY experiences only, not scientifically researched ~ unless you count my brain overthinking them 3000 times over scientific research. The only evidence behind them working is that I wouldn’t post them if they didn’t work for me!

A guide to perseverance.

Specifically perseverance in shitty situations. Lately, I have found myself being super harsh on myself in regards to keeping at something, keeping positive, and overall being persistent. I’ve had to re-evaluate my harsh thinking and remind myself that actually, I’m pretty good at keep on keeping on! Here’s my guide to perseverance.

A list of reasons to keep persevering:

  • Contrary to your brain’s belief: it DOES get easier
  • You are worth it
  • You didn’t choose this shitty situation, and if you did, well now you’re working towards making it better
  • You are not a quitter, you are trying, KEEP trying
  • Persevering = rewards
  • By keep on keeping on you’re setting an example for yourself and for others
  • Persevering can lead to an overall insanely positive feeling
  • Prove to yourself that you CAN
  • Because you can
  1. steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success

Perseverance doesn’t mean putting up with aspects of your life that aren’t right, good, or making you happy. I just want to clarify. My idea of perseverance isn’t that you keep repeating the same behaviour or keep keeping on in a negative manner. No. My idea of perseverance is that you keep trying, keep working even though there may be things that are keeping you from being your best. Struggling doesn’t mean failing. Failing doesn’t mean you’re useless. Keep struggling, keep failing, keep persevering.

One more quote that I’ve really, really love. ‘The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again, and expecting a different result’ ~ Albert Einstein

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