My Fav Makeup Products


~ I’ve bolded and italicised different sections of products so feel free to skip through to any part that may be of use! ~

I thoroughly enjoy reading about other peoples’ personal favourite makeup products. These products are my every day/fancy look go to’s and I’ll also mention the brushes and other applicators I use. My love for makeup only really started about a year ago, so I am in no way a professional or ridiculously knowledgeable about makeup! I just want to share my love of some seriously awesome products!

All product prices are in AUD.


Primer – Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfector – $44.00 ~ Holy sweet potato chips this stuff is LIFE. Say adios to your pores because they’ll seriously be gone. I only use this on my chin, nose, and spot patches where my pores are extra pore-y.
Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer – $46.00 ~ I use this all over my face as well as the Clinique primer. It works well to brighten my face (especially my Louis Vuitton eye bags), and I often apply this in the morning when I can not be pooped to apply makeup – it gives me at a half awake type of look!

Liquid Foundation – NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in the shade ‘Mont Blanc’ – $68.00
~ I freaking looovvedddd this foundation during the winter to give a dewy, healthy look, however, as soon as any signs of another season came around my skin would break out crazily and be covered in oil. So introducing my new love..
Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup in the shade ’01 Fresh Alabaster’ – $55.00 ~ It’s an absolute god-sent and I’m almost always pimple free after I remove my face. I apply with the Real Techniques ‘Buffing Brush’ and always finish with a flawless face. It is quite expensive so I am happy to say I generally do not need a lot to completely cover my face.

Powder Foundation – Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation in the shade ‘Fair Cool’ – $59.00 ~ This product aids very well in reducing the amount of oil that breaks through on my face – especially with NARS Sheer Glow. Very easy to apply with either a fluffy brush (my personal fave is ‘Powder Brush’ by Real Techniques), or the small makeup sponge that comes with the product. I have also been told it can help with reducing the ‘flash back’ in photos that the SPF in Clinique’s liquid foundation can cause.

Concealer – Maybelline Super Stay 24H Concealer in the shade ‘Light/Beige Clair’ – $12.49 ~ This is actually a fairly new purchase for me and I am still discovering whether it works better under the foundation or on top of. It does, however, work great around the lips when you choose a red liquid matte lipstick that doesn’t work with your outfit, and then proceed to try and remove it.
NYX Full Coverage Concealer Jar in the shade ’01 Fair Beige’ – $10.00 ~ It’s creamy, it’s cheap, it’s long lasting. It’s NYX. I luv. Sometimes creases under the eyes though.

Contouring – Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit in shades ‘Light to Medium’ – $70.00 ~         I purchased this lovely number whilst on a holiday in New York, but regardless of whether or not I payed less in the US… I lurrrvvv it! There’s not one shade that I don’t use, they all blend super well and are insanely pigmented. They leave me with chiselled cheek bones to envy! The brush that I use for contouring is the MAC 168 angled brush.

Highlight – Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in the shade ‘Opal’ – $62.00 ~ The rumours are absolutely true. It’s worth the money. It’s so incredibly insanely GLOW. It lights me up like a damn disco ball. No cons. At all.
Jeffree Star Skin Frost in the shade ‘Ice Cold’ – $37.50 ~ Works sooo well mixed with the bronzy tones of Becca’s Opal. Both must haves in my collection!
NARS Illuminator in the shade ‘Orgasm’ – $44.00 ~ Makes me look naturally dewy/shimmery when used under the foundation. Good option for a natural look rather than the absolute insane glow of the above two.

Bronzer – Sportsgirl Bronze Me Bronzing Powder – $14.95 ~ I’ve had this baby for a good 3 years now (shush to you makeup fanatics telling me that it’s unhygienic), and I still LUV it to death. It still hasn’t run out because of the insane pigment and the amount that I have to us. So good. So affordable.
Sportsgirl Glow With It Bronzer – $14.95 ~ Back at it again with the quality bronze. This product is a shimmer highlight/bronze instead of the above pure bronzer. It works so well by itself as a contour/highlight when I absolutely cannot be screwed to do the full face contour. It has the lazy lady tick of approval!
The Body Shop Bronzing Powder in the shade ‘Bronze Shade: Warm Glow’ – approx. $25.00 ~ Another product that I have had for eons and swear by. Also another bronzer that acts well as both contour and highlight. It has pink, brown, and orange tones as well as glitter. Delish.

Blush – Savvy Classic Blush in the shade ‘Plum’ – $4.79 ~ I honestly don’t use blush very much at all, however, I bought this beauty in a fit of spending rage and am pleasantly pleased with it. It’s not too overpowering and with a very natural look, it works very well. Subtle pink/bronze/maroon goodness.

Setting Spray – MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ Spray – $32.00 ~ Works awesome on my Real Techniques ‘Buffing Brush’ to dampen the brush before use. Works awesome to prime the face before, and finish the look off. Note: gives extra dewy finish so I generally don’t use it to finish the look as it makes me look even more oily.


Primer – Australis Eyeshadow Primer – $13.95 ~ super affordable and light weight. I haven’t seen a difference between pigmentation of eyeshadows when I’m using this, but have definitely noticed an increase in how long it stays on my lids! I apply this with my fingers.

Eyeshadow – Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette – $83.00 ~ One word. Incredible. One more word. Intense. This palette is so worth the money. When I was given this palette as a gift, I knew literally nothing about eyeshadows. It is sooo easy to learn and to create many different looks with the 12 insanely pigmented shades. For beginners I would recommend this highly. Really I recommend it to anyone with eye lids.
Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette – $83.00 ~ One more word x3. Amazing. So pink, so pretty, so versatile. Oh and also both of these Naked palettes come with double ended brushes that are actually reaalllly good. So easy to pack on the colour with. A++
Kylie Cosmetics The Burgundy Palette – $54.28 ~ Holy smacking duck bills this palette is my entire existence. It’s so pigmented, creamy, stunning, delicious. I love it. The mixture between mattes and shimmers works so well. You can create subtle brown/orange/pink soft looks, or you can make extremely intense glitter looks. In love. The Kylie Cosmetics brush set is worth the purchase also!
Morphe 35F Fall Into Frost Eyeshadow Palette – $29.71 ~ 35 shadows.. for $30…. I repeat. No I won’t, but seriously. I was expecting absolute rubbish when I bought this palette. I mean how could one palette deliver so much affordability, but still be quality? Look no further, friends. Morphe has done it. And while we’re here, I use about 6 of their brushes which all cost below $10. Seriously. Go to their site immediately. So good.

Eyebrows – Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in the colour ‘Dark Brown’ – $45.00 ~ I was drawn to this because of the spooly end, and the product reviews. It works great to make realistic brow hair lines, but can sometimes be a little bit dry. I’d also recommend going up a colour, as even with dark brown eye and head hair, this colour is a little light.

Mascara – Maybelline Lash Sensational Full Fan Effect – $21.95 ~ This mascara brush reaches all the way from the root of the lashes to the ends and makes an insane ‘full fan effect’. Easy to remove also.
Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama – $21.95 ~ Unlike it’s sister mascara above, this brush does not reach to root of the lash, no matter how many times you try (and consequently stab yourself in the eye multiple times). Stays on for bloody hours though and is extra black. Hard to take off – but that’s only with face wipes so I could probably try harder.

Eyeliner – Napoleon Perdis Neo Noir Liquid Liner – $32.00 ~ As mentioned in ‘My List’ (quick self promo), I am yet to master the winged liner. However, this liquid liner is very easy to control and practice with, and the colour is extra black. Stays on like a treat.


Matte Liquid Lipsticks – Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipsticks and Lip Liner Duo – $37.50 ~ I have not had one Kylie Cosmetic Liquid Lipstick that I haven’t absolutely adored.. and I have a lot. Like a lot. My absolute favourite colours are: Posie K, Maliboo, Dolce K, Candy K, Kristen and Angel. But I do not have a least favourite. I love them all so much.
Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Matte Long Wear Lipstick in the colour ‘Lady Balls’ – $30.00 ~ My absolute, always and forever FAVOURITE red lipstick. Matte or Creme. It’s so red. It’s so intense. It’s long wearing, it’s matte. OMG.

Gloss – Kylie Cosmetics Gloss – $19.39 ~ I love the Candy K gloss by Kylie Cosmetics. It’s pigmented and smooth, and super long wearing. I’m not a huge fan of the original glosses (Heir, King K, Reign) as they seem to just move from side to side when you apply. However, the holiday 4pc collection included 2 delicious glosses as well. Love!

Creme – MAC Satin Lipstick in the colour ‘Faux’ – $36.00 ~ Before I discovered Kylie Cosmetics, this MAC lipstick was my absolute go to. It’s a beautiful pink/nude that is perfect for natural, glam, work chic!

Lip Liners – Kylie Cosmetics Lip Liner – $18.10 ~ The lip liners that come in the world renowned ‘Lip Kit’s but also sold alone, are absolutely the best formula lip liners I have ever used. They’re super creamy and pigmented, however, they break very easily because of the creaminess and are sometimes hard to sharpen because of this.

Lip Balm – Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in ‘Anti-Oxidant Berry’ – $2.99 ~ The most moisturising lip balm I have ever ever ever ever used. It smells incredible, tastes incredible and seriously moisturises the crap out of my often cracked lips. So good to use before applying a matte liquid lipstick.

~ If you got all the way to the bottom THANK YOU! I spent so long writing this up and am pretty damn impressed with myself! ~




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