A guide to a cosy room

My second ‘A guide to’! I really enjoyed writing the last post in this little segment, let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions for the next one!

~ A guide to making your room feel more cosy! ~

When I moved first moved out of home I was extremely homesick and wishing for nothing more than my beautiful bed, in my messy room, in my darling family home. That obviously wasn’t possible though, so I settled for second best: making my new room feel as homely and as cosy as physically possible! I also thought that I would mention what a great help the following list is to create a positive vibe and head space!

Candles ~ candles that remind you of home, or your favourite places – or just that smell incredible. Relaxing and ‘sleep inducing’ scents include lavender, lilac and sandalwood. Personally my favourite scents are super sweet vanilla, caramel or floral scents and my all time fav candle is called ‘Tahaa Vanilla Caramel’ by Glasshouse Fragrances ~ $42.95. It’s sooooo yummy and makes my room smell inviting and if wax was edible YUM.

Throws and Blankets ~ throws are with out a doubt the best addition to my room to make it look and feel sooo cosy. I have so many and change between my favourites, and if you’re looking for cheap then I suggest K-Mart’s throws. They’re super soft and come in heaps of different sizes (the bigger the better to be cocooned with comfort!), and range from as cheap as $5! I have an absolutely lush green one that just makes me feel so relaxed and comfy.

Pictures and Posters ~ My room is filled with picture frames of my favourite people and a huge poster of my favourite place.. New York of course! I love to look around and see people who make me happy and safe, and this always reminds me of home. I also highly recommend creating a big pin board or even a large photo frame of photos and memories, it’s on my list of to-do-again’s as I left my previous one’s at home in Darwin.

Plants and Flowers ~ I’ve just moved in to a new house with two of my friends who are obsessed with plants and have them in the house as well as their rooms. They look great and give the house a homely, fresh vibe. I have a kitten so plants in my bedroom would create absolute mania. I opted for a little cactus in a glass upside vase, and I love it! Fresh or fake flowers are also a great way to liven up a room.

Rug ~  a rug can seriously make all the difference to how a room actually feels! The rug in my bedrooms brings feelings of warmth and relaxation and is a great place to meditate or lay on snuggled in my throw.

Pets ~ now this may seem a little drastic, just telling you to go out and buy a pet.. But might I remind you that fish make great pets too! I love my lil kitty cat Monty, but my first pet that was just mine was a beautiful fighting fish named Vivien. She was great to talk to and loved being over fed! Also, stuffed animals and toys make for great cuddle buddies!

Thank you for reading and I hope this post inspires you to create yourself a space that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.
Leave a comment below with some more cosy space ideas!

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