Fav face/skin care products

How good does it when you’ve just cleansed your face to the point of pimple-free perfection? Or when your moisturiser just gives you that soft, fresh feeling?
So good is the answer!

You’ll notice that my skin care products are all inexpensive ‘drug-store’ brands, and that’s because 1. my money gets spent on makeup and 2. they work!

~ PLEASE PLEASE let me know in the comments below of a great moisturiser that you know of! I’m on the hunt for a new one as I can’t seem to find a product that properly suits my skin! ~

St. Ives Blemish Control Scrub $10.00. I love a good exfoliating scrub, this baby is full of cleansing beads that work so well to remove the dirt and other nasties from my face. I started using this when I was 12… I’m 21. You get my point.


~ Phisohex Anti-Bacterial Wash $7.99. My skin is prone to break-outs and painful blemishes which is why I use Phisohex for its anti-bacterial agents. It strips the oil from my face, so moisturising is very necessary, but this wash helps to keep my face at a normal oil to dry ratio (if that’s possible with my skin)!


~ Loreal Paris Pure Clay Mask: Detoxifying and Brightening Charcoal Mask $19.99. If you saw my ‘new beauty products’ post you’ll notice where this product is from! I’ve used it a number of times now and absolutely loved the results. My pores look visibly smaller after removing this product, and my skin is soft and bright.


~ EGO QV Cream $19.29. I’ve tried sooo many moisturisers and as stated above I still haven’t found my absolute go-to. This cream is great for a few times a week as I find it tends to leave me with excess oil because of the hydration. My skin is very combination, one minute I’m as oily as a piece of KFC chicken, and the next my face is dryer than the Sahara Desert. I do use this cream for my entire body though, and it works very well.


Please comment your favourite face/skin care products below! I’d love some more to try.









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