Netball frustrations

I’ve played social netball for a few years now and have recently started playing with a new team. The other players are all middle-aged women who are just there to have a run. My friend and I are also just there for fun and very much beginner level players. HOWEVER. I feel that because I have played competitive sport my entire youth/adolescent life, I am still finding it hard to let go of the ‘winning’ mind set. It’s so frustrating to have the other team completely run rings around you, never get the ball, get intercepted constantly – but still have to be calm and positive and remember that it’s JUST SOCIAL NETBALL.

I am absolutely not a sports person, I’m unfit and should really be a coach rather than a player. I love playing though, it’s fun and once I’m out there I settling into my own rhythm and remember why I played for so many years as a kid. I’m just annoyed that my negative mindset is wasting the endorphins I produce whilst playing! I also don’t think it’s losing that’s making me type this post. In the years of 2008-2011 my comp basketball team didn’t win a game. Not even one. And they weren’t tight margins either! I believe I feel this way because the games we play are always so uneven, the other teams wear dress uniforms… enough said.

My mind feels much better after typing this out and I have decided one of my upcoming posts will be about how I try to manage my negative thoughts! Both by internally dealing with them and physically doing things to distract myself!

*Picture of boy and I being absolute baalllerrrsss*

Please comment below if you’ve had a similar experience and how you overcame or are trying to overcome the negativeness! Doesn’t need to be about sport!


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