~Please ignore the possible spelling and grammatical errors in this post – emotional blogging calls for a lack of care and perfection! ~


Tonight I received some nasty calls and a voicemail from a ‘No Caller ID’ number. Long story short, the calls were from an extremely abusive young lass who was calling on behalf of an entitled male who has claimed that I’ve ’caused him trouble’ at work. this ‘trouble’ was caused because I was the first to say stand up and speak out about his ongoing inappropriate and often vulgar behaviour and language.
While I am writing this I’m fairly worked up and anxious and also really quite angry.
I’m angry not only because of the entitle male, but because I feel like I’ve been betrayed by the ‘girl code’. I felt uncomfortable and unsafe in the situation made by the male at work, yet because I stood up for myself, I’m the one getting abused and left to feel unsafe and uneasy?
Where’s the girl code gone? This girl is acting like this because of what this male has told her. ‘She’s made my work life hard, she’s caused trouble’.. but what did you do for that to happen? And why didn’t the girls question what I ’caused trouble’ about? By calling me a ‘fat sl*t’ and a ‘whore’, you’re allowing men to think this is okay to do. I’ve spoken to my close girl friend since and she reminded me that we’re some of the lucky few women who haven’t been brought up with the misogyny that a lot of women have been. Making women, or anyone for that matter, feel uncomfortable or unsafe because of your sexual, vulgar, inappropriate behaviour is not okay. You might think it’s funny and acceptable but it’s not just you hearing your words and seeing your behaviour. Would this situation be the same if I was the one to have originally made the inappropriate comment? Or would I have been looked down upon and shunned because I am a woman? Instead of egged on and laughed with because you’re a male.

I’m sad but I’m strong. I won’t be the last to get this kind of treatment and I certainly know I wasn’t the first. My girl friend also reminded me tonight that I’m a BOSS BITCH and to take this in my stride. I won’t stop standing up for myself, and I won’t stop trying to make a damn difference in this sometimes really shitty world.






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