A Guide to Teaching Your Kitten to Kiss You

Last November my partner and I adopted our darling baby kitty Monty when he was 8 weeks old! He’s absolutely the best and most challenging thing to ever happen to us and he has us wrapped around his very sharp claws. Monty was found in a shopping centre car park and therefore was extremely timid and hated being held. My partner and I were (and sometimes still are) covered elbow to fingers in scratches and bites just trying to get this damn kitten to let us hold him! So I devised a plan. I’d try and teach him to do something nice (like kiss or nuzzle) and then I’d put him down! And it worked!! So… this is a guide on how to get your kitten to kiss you! ~see featured photo for evidence ~

  1. Get a kitten
  2. Hold kitten as tight as possible without hurting kitten – this step works well when they’re asleep and wake up in your arms
  3. When kitten is squirming and trying to get away, kiss his head or nose or give him a big pat while saying ‘kisses’ or ‘love’ (lol how desperate does this sound, poor cat)
  4. Once you have kissed or shown affection to kitten – put him down
  5. Keep at it!
  6. Kitten will learn that by being affectionate, he will be let down
  7. Have fun holding your kitten for .3 second before he learns to automatically kiss you and get let down!!


I now have a darling 7 month old brat cat who instantly tries to kiss me when I pick him up because he knows that chances are he’ll be let down!

I hope you had a good laugh at mine and Monty’s expense! Leave a comment below telling me what the favourite thing is about your pet! Or what pet you’d love to have if you don’t already have one.

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