Graduate Nurse

As of December 13th this year I will be a graduate nurse… A REGISTERED graduate nurse. WUT.

HOWEVER. Before then, actually as of yesterday, I now have to start applying for graduate nursing positions in the hospitals of my dreams *vomits and crawls into smol bol*. We get 4 choices through a program called ‘Computer Match’ which uses an algorithm to match you with hospitals that you choose, and that choose you. I’m so terrified at the prospect of not getting a graduate position that I’m literally writing this blog instead of beginning to apply.

My dream position would be doing probably anything at the Royal Children’s Hospital – if I was lucky enough to choose specifically a ward (let alone actually get a spot), it would be in the ‘Butterfly’ Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I have a few back ups because I’m trying to be as realistic as possible – but PLEASE. LET ME GET AN INTERVIEW, LET ME INTERVIEW WELL AND LET ME LIVE MY DREAM. I’m so passionate about the idea of being a paediatric nurse that the thought of doing anything else makes me a little sad. I want to put my skills and knowledge into something that I truly think that I’d be good at, and would excel at. Having said that, my ‘anxiety’ part of my brain is telling me to not even bother applying to the children’s because I’m never going to get it. And what happens if I don’t get it? Or don’t get one at all. I’m not even going to let this blog post entertain the thought! Positive vibes only… EEEKKK.

Anyway, if you’re a nursing student or a recent grad or an almost grad like me, PLEASE leave some words of advice, solidarity or whatever really! I’d love to hear from you.


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