Welcome to jaym blog!

I’m starting this blog as I recently purchased an extremely expensive MacBook and need an excuse to type on its magnificent new keyboard.. also, I have wanted to begin a blog for a long time but was always too scared of judgement and what I’d even blog about! So beginners luck and fingers crossed.

I am Jaymee and I am 21! I have a cat named Monty and a bf named Matt. We live in Melbourne, Australia, but if I had my wish we would be living in a small, cosy apartment in Brooklyn or Manhattan, New York. I am three¬†months away from being a Registered Nurse and my current career goal is to be a specialised paediatric nurse. This blog may consist of content to do with beauty, lifestyle, wellness, angry or sad rants, Monty, New York, wishes, to do lists, my life, mental health and I’m sure completely random crap!

If I ever decide to make this blog known to anyone but my dearly chosen ones (love ya), I hope you’ll all be as excited as I am to join me in this blog! Also, I realise I’m going to have to update this ‘about’ section often. Damn.